"Jimmy's master class in the Molyneaux style of dance,

a mile-stone in the history of North Kerry step-dancing,

an important record for future generations"

Fr. Pat Ahern, Founder of Siamsa Tíre

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In this new DVD production, Jimmy shares with us a history of the traditional Kerry steps & their passing down from original master Jerry Molyneaux to Jimmy himself, all told through a beautiful mix of music, dance & stories.


Traditional Kerry step dance played a significant role in Irish dancing becoming the global sensation it is today.

It is true to say Irish step dancing has taken the world by storm for the past 20 years. However, it goes a lot further back than the previous two decades. So what exactly is it’s history?

Jimmy Smith is one of the few remaining masters and keepers of the old traditional dance steps that emanated from North Kerry and original travelling dance master himself - Jeremiah Molyneaux.

Jimmy’s new DVD - ‘The Origins Of  Kerry Step Dance’ shares with you the history of where modern Irish dance originated from through a beautiful mix of music, dance and stories that will delight all lovers of Irish dance.

Jimmy also demonstrates rarely seen steps from famous Kerry teachers of old including Jerry Molyneaux , Phil Cahill, Jack Lyons, Paddy White and Jerry Nolan.

He also shares with you the famous Jeremiah Molyneaux 'Blackbird', 'Jockey to the Fair' and 'St. Patricks Day' hornpipe.

A real treat for both teachers and students alike.

Fr. Pat Ahern