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A home for history and innovation, old souls and new neighbours, Kerry is a place to gain and share ideas and experiences. This blog offers a collection of such insights, along with an invitation to check back regularly to see what’s new in Kerry.

From Physics to RegTech: Ogie Sheehy's Entrepreneurial Journey

From Corporate World to Entrepreneur With a background in Applied Physics and Electronics, Ogie first embarked on a multinational career that took him through prestigious companies like HP, IBM, and Dell. However, in 2008, Ogie decided to take a leap of faith, resigning from his position as…

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Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence: Kerry's Enduring Legacy

Kerry's remarkable story of innovation, growth, and community has unfolded over the past five decades. 2022 marked a significant milestone for Kerry as they celebrated their 50th anniversary, a testament to their enduring commitment to excellence, sustainability, and innovation. Founded in 1972…

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