Let's Explore Kerry with Ciar's Quest

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Meet Ciar, he is a descendant of the O’Connor Chieftain Ciar, the founder of the Kingdom of Kerry. To honour his ancestors, his mission is to protect Kerry’s rich folklore & heritage. This summer, we want to discover Kerry more with Ciar so he's here to help us!
Join him on his quest to find the Kingdom’s hidden wildlife while also uncovering some hidden gems on your journey. Download the Ciar’s Quest app and follow the map & app instructions to help Ciar on his quest to discover the hidden wildlife and gems around Ross Island. 

Engage with Ciar's Quest on social with the hashtag #CiarsQuest and see what other's get up to on their adventures in Kerry with Ciar! Keep discovering Kerry this summer and share your quest for hidden wildlife with your friends.


Kerry. A place you thought you knew.