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Muckross Traditional Farms

Muckross Traditional Farms, preserves in real life the farming traditions of rural Ireland in the past. Visit three separate working farms (small, medium and large), each complete with animals, poultry and machinery. The farm dwellings are furnished in traditional style, complete with dressers, settlebeds and mealbins. There is also a Labourer's Cottage, a Carpenter's Workshop and a Blacksmith's Forge.

Muckross Traditional Farms takes you back to a time before the advent of electricity when all work was carried out using traditional methods. Meet and chat with the farmers and their wives as they go about their daily work in the houses, on the land, and with the animals.

There are even costumed interpreters sharing stories and traditional scones and butter produced right there on the farm. In the back there’s a little petting zoo and even a bouncy castle. You will see a horse, donkeys, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens and more.

Parents can enjoy a sheltered picnic in our Woodland Play Area, while their youngsters have fun on the wonderful slides and swings.

A wonderful experience for all the family, make sure to bring your camera!

A complimentary vintage coach operates around the Traditional Farms for the benefit of elderly and physically challenged visitors. Managed in conjunction with the Trustees of Muckross House.

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Muckross Traditional Farm