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Irish Fairy Trails in Kerry

If you are looking for a great day out with your young family – this is some of the best fun you can have and it is free! These are the best places to find fairies in Kerry, all are on the main Ring of Kerry drive. So, you can have plenty of lovely stops on y our day trip to keep the little ones happy.

Glenbeigh Fairy Forest, Glenbeigh

Only 1km from Glenbeigh Village towards Rossbeigh beach, you will find the Glenbeigh Fairy Forest. At the Picnic area follow the path leading upwards into Faha Wood. Here follow the signs to the left and allow your children’s imagination to run riot as they discover the tiny Fairy Houses and the colourful doors into the trees. There are approximately 50 Fairy houses along the way all the kids enjoyed it and it takes about 30 to 40 mins to complete. Its relaxing and really enjoyable. This Fairy walk has been installed by Glenbeigh Community Council and has proved to be spectacularly popular with younger visitors. Fairies love their peace and quiet and that they are shy creatures so to see them you must talk in a whisper so as not to disturb them.
Wonderful, magical place, fun for everyone, all ages. Stimulates the imagination!


Fairy Forest

Fairy Trails at Derrynane House, Derrynane

A visit to Derrynane House is a must if you have Kids not only for the beautiful beaches but for the Fairy trail around the Gardens at Derrynane. There are many Fairy houses to explore, the map which you collect from the tearooms at Derrynane House, is like a treasure hunt map so the Kids will have great fun exploring the gardens and navigating to find the Fairies Homes. There are loads of fairy houses, even one shaped like a boot.
Afterwards a stroll down to the big sandy beach to play and paddle. 

Derrynane House

Bonane Fairy Trail, Kenmare

Fairies are part of a long tradition in Irish folklore, believed to be part of the ancient mythical race, the Tuatha Dé Danann. Take a stroll on our Fairy Walk & discover little fairy houses & doors, entrances to the mythical Other World. This is a short walk and there are loads of fairies hidden in the trees so you won’t have to go far to find them. There is a really old ring fort at the park which is where the fairies like to come and dance under the stars.
The Fairy Walk is a wonderful experience for children & and adults alike, and is proving very popular with any of the younger visitors to the Park. Treat the whole family to a magical experience at Bonane Heritage Park!

Bonane Heritage Park

Irish Fairy Trails

Fairy Trail