Talks, Workshops and Storytelling

Whether you are discovering somewhere new or reconnecting to a place, the best way to get a real feel for a community is to get involved. The Kerry Homecoming Festival offers a fantastic programme of talks, workshops and storytelling all over Kerry this autumn.



Renowned genealogist Kay Caball is a font of knowledge and specialises in the history and genealogy of Kerry, giving her an exceptional overview of the lives and more of the county over the past two hundred years. Join her for a series of lunchtime lectures in association with Killarney and Tralee libraries, where she will teach you all you need to know about tracing your own ancestral roots back through the generations. Kay's expertise coupled with a tour of the library archives will set you off on a journey of self discovery, connecting you to people and place of years gone by.


Samhain Mask Making

For those of you looking to get into the Samhain spirit and get creative, there will be a series of free hands-on workshops suitable for all ages led by The Dingle Druid. Julie will help you to fashion your own ghoulish Samhain mask, using traditional techniques and natural materials. At the end of the session your Halloween costume will be sorted!


Jack-O-Lantern Carving 

Did you know that the tradition of Jack-O-lantern carving originated in Ireland. Well this Samhain, you'll have the opportunity to get back to 'the root of things' by trying your hand at carving sugar beats to create some ghastly Halloween lanterns. Workshops are free and all materials provided.




Irish storytelling is famed throughout the world, and for good reason! Well, where better to hear tales of the Tuatha Dé Danann, Tir na Nog and the Hag of Beara than in a place where their legend is enshrined in the landscape. Join us for a series of fireside storytelling sessions as the nights grow colder and the spirit of Samhain seeps into the air. 


Childrens' Art Workshops

The talented gang from Me and the Moon will also be bringing their inspiring childrens' art workshops to Muckross House and Kerry County Museum, so sign up the little ones and let them express themselves by enjoying the creative process as much as the finished product.