In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, innovation plays a pivotal role in shaping the future. Salaso, a digital health platform, is a shining example of how embracing technology can not only transform patient care but also empower healthcare professionals. Led by Aoife Ní Mhuirí, Salaso has emerged as a pioneer in precision exercise, redefining how patients engage with their health and well-being.

The Birth of a Vision

Salaso's journey began over a decade ago when Aoife Ní Mhuirí, a chartered physiotherapist with a passion for e-learning and digital technology, embarked on a mission to make exercise an integral part of healthcare. Her journey of innovation started with the Endeavour Programme in 2011 at the Institute of Technology in Tralee (now Munster Technological University). This was the inception of Salaso, a platform designed to provide healthcare professionals with the tools to prescribe precision exercise tailored to individual patient needs.

Precision Exercise for All

Salaso's platform revolutionises healthcare by providing a versatile infrastructure for physiotherapists, occupational therapists, primary care therapists, nurses, physicians, and more. It enables them to engage patients in exercise and physical activity programs, enhancing outcomes for both patients and healthcare facilities. Whether you're recovering from an illness, managing a chronic condition, or simply looking to improve your well-being, Salaso has an exercise program for you.

"We like to think of ourselves as pioneers in precision exercise, delivering the smart infrastructure that allows practitioners to select and guide the patient in choosing the right exercise, at the right time and in the amount of time the patient has to engage in exercise," says Aoife.

Expanding Horizons: The US Market

The United States, in particular, holds immense promise for the Salaso platform. The evolving healthcare landscape in the US, with a focus on value-based care and telehealth, aligns perfectly with Salaso's mission.

Aoife notes, "There are huge opportunities for our platform in the US due to the direction that healthcare is taking over there – it’s very much about keeping people out of hospitals and surgeries, and that’s what our platform feeds into."

The COVID-19 pandemic further accelerated the adoption of digital healthcare, making Salaso's platform even more relevant. Patients can now access the care they need from the comfort of their own homes, ushering in a new era of healthcare accessibility and patient empowerment.

A Journey Rooted in Kerry's Heart

Connemara native Aoife Ní Mhuirí's journey to success isn't just limited to the world of healthcare technology. She has fond memories of her time as the physio for the Kerry senior football team, especially her interactions with legendary player Páidí Ó Sé.

"I had huge respect for him," Aoife recalls. "The thing about Páidí was I had a great working relationship with him and huge respect for him but you couldn’t time him. You did not know what he was going to say when the phone rang. It was unpredictable. You learned to live with the unpredictability. He was Kerry to the core. Everything he ever did, any instruction he gave me, it was always for Kerry."

Aoife's dedication and adaptability, honed during her time with the Kerry football team, continue to drive her and Salaso forward in their quest to improve healthcare outcomes for all.

A Bright Future Ahead

Salaso's journey of innovation, empowerment, and growth continues. The company's commitment to improving patient outcomes and enhancing healthcare accessibility remains unwavering. With their dedication and visionary leadership, Salaso and Aoife Ní Mhuirí stand as inspiring examples of how a vision, supported by research and dedication, can transform healthcare for the better.



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