Code of Respect

code of respect greenways

The Kerry Greenways’ Code of Respect

County Kerry's greenways are a shared haven for outdoor enthusiasts, providing a unique space for cyclists, pedestrians and pet owners to enjoy the county’s stunning landscapes. To ensure a positive and safe experience for everyone, visitors are encouraged to follow the Code of Respect, which outlines general usage guidelines and specific instructions for all users.

General Usage Guidelines

Be considerate of others.

The greenways of County Kerry are shared spaces. Be mindful and considerate of all other users, including cyclists, pedestrians and pet walkers.

Be aware of your surroundings.

Listen for and respond to the chime of cycle bells, which indicate an oncoming cyclist. Cyclists, ring your bell well in advance when overtaking. This helps create a safer environment by alerting others to your presence.

Demonstrate traffic etiquette.

At road crossings, practice patience and give way to vehicular traffic. Safety is paramount, and cooperation ensures a smooth flow for everyone.

Keep left, pass right.

Keep to the left side of the greenway and overtake on the right, ensuring a safe distance from others. This simple rule helps maintain traffic flow and can help prevent accidents.

Stay alert.

Exercise caution while enjoying the greenways, especially if using headphones or mobile phones. For evening excursions, wear reflective clothing and use appropriate safety gear to enhance visibility.

Leave no trace.

Help preserve the beauty of the greenways by taking your litter home. By respecting the environment and other users, you can help ensure the greenways remain unspoiled for future generations.

Guidelines for Cyclists

Safe cycling practices

Cycle at a safe and reasonable speed, considering the shared nature of the greenway. Prioritize safety for yourself and others by wearing a helmet.

Communication with others

Ring your cycle bell well in advance when overtaking others. This simple gesture promotes awareness and prevents sudden surprises.

Allowing sufficient space

Be courteous and give ample space to other users. Whether passing pedestrians or fellow cyclists, maintain a safe distance to ensure a comfortable experience for everyone.

Guidelines for Pet Walkers

Leash regulations

Keep all pets on a short lead while on the greenways. This rule is in place to ensure the safety and comfort of both the animals and other users.

Clean up after your pet

Carry waste bags and promptly clean up after your pet. This helps maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the greenways, and protects other users and animals.

Prohibited Activities

All users should note that the following activities are not allowed on the Kerry Greenways.

No Camping

Camping is not permitted on the greenways. Respect the natural environment and stick to designated camping areas in the county.

No Barbeques or Campfires

Open flames such as fires and barbeques are strictly prohibited. Help minimise the risk of wildfires and preserve the greenways’ integrity.

No Motorised Vehicles

The use of motorised vehicles, including motorbikes, quad bikes and cars, is strictly prohibited. Keep the greenways a peaceful haven for non-motorised activities.

No Vehicles Requiring Motor Tax

Vehicles requiring motor tax are not allowed on the greenways. This rule ensures a safe and harmonious environment for all users.

By adhering to this Code of Respect, we can collectively contribute to the preservation and enjoyment of County Kerry's greenways. Let's work together to create an inclusive and sustainable outdoor experience for everyone.