“The town that climbs the mountain, and looks upon the sea"

Cahersiveen is a town in County Kerry on Southwest coast of Ireland. Situated on the iconic “ Ring of Kerry" and "The Wild Atlantic Way" there is so much to see and do in Cahersiveen  that you will never want to leave from unspoilt landscape, breath-taking beaches, forests, walks and much more…

There is so much variety in Cahersiveen and the surrounding area that you will not be disappointment when you’re looking for something to do. If you love the outdoors, then South Kerry and Cahersiveen is perfect for you

Cahersiveen, has been a growing hub for everything from local start-ups, international companies to remote workers, all choosing to work and live in Cahersiveen. As South Kerry’s largest town, Cahersiveen, has an energetic, eclectic mix of tourism, commerce and enterprise, offering a progressive and sustainable place to work, achieve ambitions and grow. Cahersiveen, has a thriving business community and well developed infrastructure to support, nurture and help grow any industry or start up that chooses to make Cahersiveen their home. Located within a 55 minute drive from Kerry airport and along the Wild Atlantic Way & Skellig Coast, Cahersiveen, presents a fresh, attractive opportunity for high tech start-ups, and established corporations, interested in doing business in a culturally rich yet modern and developing town. 

While in Cahersiveen  open your mind and palate to Cahersiveen’s exceptional gastronomic experiences. Immerse yourself in its  diverse culinary scene, make your own memories with food and get inspired by the quality and ever-evolving foodie offerings in the Skellig Coast.

It's  vibrant town centre is just a stone’s throw from some of the  most amazing beaches awaiting you to experience. In Cahersiveen, it is possible to build a successful business, connect with community and maintain the perfect work/life balance in the process. It also possible to take the time to replenish, invigorate and recentre,  as  Cahersiveen, has  an abundance of services for  you to enjoy


A Snapshot of Cahersiveen

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