Kerry UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

The Kerry UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is an extensive area within Kerry which as UNESCO defines - 'a learning place for sustainable development'. Connected to a worldwide network of biosphere reserves, the Kerry UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is an active, ongoing 'learning place' where a wide range of stakeholders, communities and use zones reconcile the conservation of biodiversity with its sustainable use. 

The MacGillicuddy Reeks, Killarney National Park, ancient oak woodlands, the last remaining native Red Deer herd in Ireland and a cluster of small villages, communities and Killarney town all coexist within the various zones of the Kerry UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.





Keep learning about the ecology and biodiversity of the biosphere, with webinars featuring Irish and international speakers.

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Grounded in heritage yet open to ideas, Kerry is a place to gain and share perspective. Keep exploring the county with our latest blogs.

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