Age Friendly

Kerry has one of the oldest population ages in the country. Happily, the number of people aged 65 and over continues to grow.

With our population growing older, and as aging is an experience every person share, making communities better places in which to grow old is a very important task.

Age-Friendly Kerry is working to ensure that all Kerry residents are active, connected, healthy, engaged, and happy in their environment. The initiative considers all aspects of community life, including outdoor spaces and buildings, transport, peoples’ homes, social participation, social inclusion, civic participation, employment, communication, health services, emergency preparedness, and other issues of concern to older people.

Through the Older People’s Council in Kerry, older people exercise a strong, guiding influence on age-friendly local development and policy making. Kerry Age Friendly Programme has been working to develop an Over 55s network in Co. Kerry to ensure information is shared and to have a good structure for the Older People’s Council. Groups/Individuals can register to be part of this on the Kerry Public Participation Network website at

What is ‘Age Friendly’?

The World Health Organisation defines an “age-friendly” community as one that:

  • Recognises diversity among older people
  • Promotes the inclusion of older people
  • Values their contribution to community life
  • Respects their decisions
  • Anticipates and responds flexibly to ageing-related needs and preferences.  

​                                 Age Friendly Infographic 

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