Sustainable Kerry

Legacy Protectors, Future Investors

Shaped by the landscape and the wild remoteness of this beautiful place, Kerry's people have long been considerate of the legacy of our natural habitat, our language and culture. We have fiercely guarded our creativity through the ages and our storytellers are as famous as our highest peaks and scenic spots. As we proceed towards a more sustainable future for our county, we look to the sustainable and regenerative initiatives that are taking place throughout our community, our enterprise sector and our tourism industry.

Regenerating Generations

Sustainability is at the heart of Kerry and everyone has a role to play in the sustainable future of our county. To have a positive environmental and social impact, we must be mindful of how we live, work and play and how we portray and how we behave. Together we can enhance everyone’s lives, now and for future generations to come. 

Preserving Our Natural & Protected Heritage

Flagship Projects