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A home for history and innovation, old souls and new neighbours, Kerry is a place to gain and share ideas and experiences. This blog offers a collection of such insights, along with an invitation to check back regularly to see what’s new in Kerry.

Unlocking Potential: IPS Transforming Lives and Businesses in Kerry

In this insightful interview, we delve into the world of Individual Placement & Support (IPS) with Lorna Griffin and Teresa O'Shea, shedding light on how this organisation is making a profound impact on individuals struggling with mental health issues and encouraging employers to embrace diversity…

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The Future is Diverse. Is your Talent Strategy

Tech Industry Alliance Board member Laura Hughes from Cloudera captures the key takeaways and insights from the talent focused event held in MTU on 21st February 2023. With talent firmly on the minds of Tech Industry Alliance members and the wider business community, the latest event at MTU’s Kerry…

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What It Means To Be A STEMinist

If you can see it, you can be it! Don’t underestimate the power of real role models for young people when encouraging careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths ('STEM') particularly when it comes to young female students. The stats all tell us that you’ll find fewer girls than boys…

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Meet the CEO: John Prendergast, Aonach

We sit down with John Prendergast, the Director of Aonach ecommerce agency, to find out why a committed Corkonian would cross the border to set up his eCommerce business in Kerry. Tell us a little about yourself and your company. Aonach is an eCommerce development agency based in Kenmare. Founded…

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How Conscious are you of your unconscious bias?

Biased, me? Many of us consider ourselves to be completely impartial when it comes to our attitudes to others, but are we really? It’s impossible to get through life without developing some prejudices we might not even be aware of, but it is important to discover our unconscious biases and deal with…

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