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A home for history and innovation, old souls and new neighbours, Kerry is a place to gain and share ideas and experiences. This blog offers a collection of such insights, along with an invitation to check back regularly to see what’s new in Kerry.

BioAtlantis: Driving Global Innovation from County Kerry

Pioneering Innovation: The BioAtlantis Story At the heart of BioAtlantis lies a profound passion for innovation and unwavering determination. Established in 2004 by John T O'Sullivan, the company embarked on a transformative journey to propel biotechnology forward and confront global challenges…

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From Lab to Market: The Inspiring Journey of Dr. Helena McMahon

Bridging the World of Academia and Business Meet Dr. Helena McMahon, a proud Tralee native whose journey intertwines her passion for human health with a knack for entrepreneurship, enriching Kerry's entrepreneurial landscape. Armed with a background in biomedical science and drug development…

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From Physics to RegTech: Ogie Sheehy's Entrepreneurial Journey

From Corporate World to Entrepreneur With a background in Applied Physics and Electronics, Ogie first embarked on a multinational career that took him through prestigious companies like HP, IBM, and Dell. However, in 2008, Ogie decided to take a leap of faith, resigning from his position as…

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A Family Affair: Paul and Neil Fitzgibbon, Ard Rí Group

For over three decades, the Fitzgibbon family has transformed Ard Rí from a local stonemasonry craft producer into a thriving international powerhouse in the homeware industry. Founded by Noel Fitzgibbon in 1989, Ard Rí Marble initially focused on handcrafted fireplaces in Tralee, Ireland. Fast…

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Jim Breen's Journey of Making Big Things Happen in the Workplace

Jim Breen, the founder of Pulse Learning and I Am Here, is an entrepreneur whose journey is nothing short of inspiring. Here, we delve into his entrepreneurial story, including how PulseLearning came to be and the emergence of the I Am Here movement which focuses on mental health and wellbeing…

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Alan Scroope and the Remarkable Success of FreeFlow

Alan Scroope's passion for innovation and a relentless drive for success is evident with the remarkable success he has achieved with FreeFlow, a multi-million-euro technology company with relationships with some of the world's largest technology firms. Alan's journey began in Tralee, Co Kerry, where…

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