For over three decades, the Fitzgibbon family has transformed Ard Rí from a local stonemasonry craft producer into a thriving international powerhouse in the homeware industry. Founded by Noel Fitzgibbon in 1989, Ard Rí Marble initially focused on handcrafted fireplaces in Tralee, Ireland. Fast forward to today, and the company boasts a workforce of approximately 680 employees serving over 1,200 retailers across Ireland and Britain.

When Paul and Neil Fitzgibbon took the reins in 2007, they set their sights on expansion and innovation. They worked diligently to streamline their supply chains, establish a dedicated transport network, and broaden their product range to include doors, stoves, architrave, and more. The company now operates two distribution centers in Britain, a distribution center in Dublin, two factories in southern China, and a central hub in Tralee. By 2025, the Fitzgibbon brothers envision Ard Rí becoming one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of homeware products in the EU, with global domination on the horizon by 2030.

In a recent interview, Paul and Neil shared insights into their entrepreneurial journey. They emphasized the importance of taking swift action, mastering the art of selling your product, and being adaptable to market changes. They also recounted their "back-to-the-wall" moment when they re-mortgaged their homes to break into the challenging British market.

Despite facing obstacles, the Fitzgibbon brothers' resilience and determination have propelled Ard Rí to new heights. Their story serves as an inspiring example of drive, vision, innovation, and unwavering commitment. To delve deeper into the Ard Rí story and the secrets of their success, watch the video below.