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Kerry's native ingenuity fuels global success across tech, finance, engineering, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. Our county thrives as an innovation hub with cutting-edge research centres, groundbreaking programs and a supportive business community. This collaborative ecosystem turns innovative ideas into global ventures. Since the historic Valentia Transatlantic Cable Station through today, Kerry helps steer thriving sectors and dynamic networks, championing innovation and empowering businesses on the global stage.

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Valentia Island: the birthplace of global communications

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Shaping the Future: Inside the Global Economic Summit in Kerry

Unlocking Global Opportunities in Kerry In the world of global commerce, the Global Economic Summit in Kerry stands out as a significant gathering for leaders worldwide. It's not just a conference; it's where the future of our interconnected economies begins to form, against the breath-taking…

Behind the Magic of Animation Dingle: A Conversation with Maurice Galway

A Creative Force With Animation Dingle, returning on the 22-23 March for its highly anticipated 2024 edition, imagine our excitement sitting down for a chat with Maurice Galway, the man behind one of Europe's most renowned animation festivals. With over two decades of festival experience under his…

Success Stories
Business Leaders Honoured at Annual Kerry Business Leaders' Gala Dinner

Celebrating Excellence Over 200 guests attended the Business Leaders’ Gala Dinner on Thursday 7th March at the Rose Hotel in Tralee to recognise the achievements of Kerry business leaders. Presented by Kerry Innovation Centre in partnership with Kerry County Council and EY Ireland, this annual…

Animation Dingle Announces New Programme for 12th Year of Festival

A Global Celebration of Animation Animation Dingle, one of Europe's premier animation festivals, returns for its highly anticipated 2024 edition. Now in its 12th year, it promises a captivating showcase of creativity, innovation, and collaboration in the world of animation. Set against the…