Street Spectacles

Spectacle Events

As the nights draw in and Samhain approaches, the veil between our world and the next grows thin. A host of ghostly spectres take to the streets of Kerry over the Halloween weekend. All around the county, spectacle events will terrify and delight in equal measure as performers and carousers roam raucously around the towns and villages of Kerry!


As if the 'divilment' across the county at Kenmare Howl, Cahersiveen's Halloween Festival, Waterville's Óiche Samhain Festival, Tralee's Circus Festival and Sneem's Halloween Festival wasn't enough, The Kerry Homecoming Festival will be touring a series of spectacle events that tell the story of Samhain and the pagan gods of old through thrilling parades and performance pieces. Expect the pounding beat of Celtic drums, the guttural chants of pagan revellers and masked figures and the enchantingly wild beauty of Samhain fire that lights the night.