Welcome to the town at the centre of Kerry, on the gateway to south Kerry between Tralee and Killorglin, its location has propelled Milltown into a being a very sought after town in which to  live, work and visit.  Locals in Milltown are just within one hour of any part of Kerry from which to work or visit.  

Milltown’s strength is in welcoming many new members into the community over the past decade, and relishing in its rapid growing vibrant population.  The town has changed very considerably over the past decade.   The people in Milltown have worked towards and enjoy many benefits of this change,    new Schools, a childcare facility, a community centre, and  a playground are among some of the amenities that have come on stream in response to the needs of a growing population.

But it’s not all about infrastructure and planning for the future, locals in Milltown enjoy the many services,  good pubs and some great  restaurants and some beautiful walking trails including Kilderry wood in the vicinity that Milltown offer not to mention the many festivals including the  World Bodhrán(The bodhrán is a frame drum used in Irish music) Championships have been held here for a number of years which attract traditional Irish musicians from all around the world.

A Snapshot of Milltown

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