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Working in County Kerry

Like the sea, lakes and mountains that surround us, great things are happening here. Kerry embodies a unique entrepreneurial spirit, a supportive business environment, a breadth of talent spanning many industries and a enviable lifestyle to match. We celebrate diversity and inclusivity, and as a county we take pride in our commitment to education and lifelong learning making Kerry an exceptional place to live, work, learn and prosper.  


The Sum of All Parts

Locally made and globally minded, Kerry stands apart as a place for innovation, investment and growth. More than 8,000 enterprises operate in Kerry, and with more than 18 hubs and co-working spaces, a supportive enterprise network and an esteemed technological university, this connected county is ready for a vibrant future.

Opportunity Awaits

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BioAtlantis: Driving Global Innovation from County Kerry

Pioneering Innovation: The BioAtlantis Story At the heart of BioAtlantis lies a profound passion for innovation and unwavering determination. Established in 2004 by John T O'Sullivan, the company embarked on a transformative journey to propel biotechnology forward and confront global challenges…

The Cantillon Academy: A Beacon of Fresh Thinking and Entrepreneurial Mindset

The Cantillon Academy, a hub of fresh thinking and entrepreneurial mindset, finds its roots in the rich history of entrepreneurship. It's fascinating to note that the very word "entrepreneur" can be traced back to County Kerry where its origins intertwine with the academy's mission and vision. The…

From Lab to Market: The Inspiring Journey of Dr. Helena McMahon

Bridging the World of Academia and Business Meet Dr. Helena McMahon, a proud Tralee native whose journey intertwines her passion for human health with a knack for entrepreneurship, enriching Kerry's entrepreneurial landscape. Armed with a background in biomedical science and drug development…

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