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Kerry's creative film and TV sector thrives as a dynamic hub of artistic energy and innovation. Here, creative minds find an ideal canvas to flourish, with Screen Kerry leading the charge for a vibrant film and TV community that attracts both local and international productions. This sector goes beyond showcasing Kerry's scenic beauty on global screens; it nurtures local talent and bolsters an evolving creative economy. From captivating films to enchanting animations, County Kerry's creative spirit continues to radiate brightly.

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Inside Track

Behind the Magic of Animation Dingle: A Conversation with Maurice Galway

A Creative Force With Animation Dingle, returning on the 22-23 March for its highly anticipated 2024 edition, imagine our excitement sitting down for a chat with Maurice Galway, the man behind one of Europe's most renowned animation festivals. With over two decades of festival experience under his…

Animation Dingle Announces New Programme for 12th Year of Festival

A Global Celebration of Animation Animation Dingle, one of Europe's premier animation festivals, returns for its highly anticipated 2024 edition. Now in its 12th year, it promises a captivating showcase of creativity, innovation, and collaboration in the world of animation. Set against the…

10 Reasons Why Working in Kerry Will Capture Your Heart

Let us Count the Ways Love is in the air this Valentine's Day, and while many people are focused on their significant others, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate a different kind of love. Here at Discover Kerry, we are lucky enough to not only work, but also live in this beautiful county…

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5 Reasons to Move to Kerry

Whether you’re from around these parts or have made your way here from halfway around the world, you’ll find a warm welcome in Kerry. From large towns to smaller communities surrounded by breath-taking nature, you’ll find the perfect place to call home. We know relocation is a big decision, but some…