From Corporate World to Entrepreneur 

With a background in Applied Physics and Electronics, Ogie first embarked on a multinational career that took him through prestigious companies like HP, IBM, and Dell. However, in 2008, Ogie decided to take a leap of faith, resigning from his position as Director of IT at Dell to pursue his entrepreneurial aspirations.

ViClarity was born from Ogie's vision to provide innovative solutions in the realm of Audit, Risk, and Compliance (ARC) for highly regulated industries. Founded in 2008 under the name YouComply Ltd., the company quickly gained traction, especially in the financial and healthcare sectors. Today, ViClarity stands as a global brand, serving clients across Ireland, the UK, the USA, Canada, and Australia.

ViClarity's Mission and Impact

ViClarity is an award-winning provider of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) management software solutions. With over 1,000 global clients spanning various regulated industries, ViClarity's technology platform has revolutionised how organisations manage their risk and compliance processes. Through automation and customisation, ViClarity helps clients save time, reduce costs, and navigate complex regulatory landscapes.

A Timeline of Success

The journey of ViClarity is marked by significant milestones:

2009: Ogie participates in the first Enterprise Ireland start-up program, setting the stage for rapid growth.
2017: ViClarity earns recognition as the "Most Cost-Effective Medtech Product/Service" by HealthTech Ireland.
2018: The company expands its presence by establishing offices in Boston, solidifying its commitment to the US market.
2020: ViClarity merges with PolicyWorks LLC, a US consultancy specialising in providing advisory and audit services to financial services clients. This strategic move doubles ViClarity's size and enhances its global footprint.

Over the years, Ogie and ViClarity have received numerous accolades, including awards from IMSTA, Insurance ERM, and many more.  In 2022, Ogie received the Emerging Business Leader Award at the Kerry Business Leaders' Gala dinner. This recognition was duly deserved as Ogie's leadership has been instrumental in positioning ViClarity as a leader in the GRC space.

A Vision for the Future

With a focus on extensive growth in the US market and a commitment to innovation, ViClarity continues to push boundaries. Ogie's passion for entrepreneurship, coupled with his dedication to mentoring regional businesses through his roles on Boards such as Tech Industry Alliance, drives ViClarity's mission forward. Stay tuned to news as this success story continues to thrive.