Bridging the World of Academia and Business 

Meet Dr. Helena McMahon, a proud Tralee native whose journey intertwines her passion for human health with a knack for entrepreneurship, enriching Kerry's entrepreneurial landscape. Armed with a background in biomedical science and drug development, Helena embarked on an academic journey, culminating in a Ph.D. in Gene and Cellular Therapeutics from Trinity College Dublin.  Her expertise and dedication have since propelled her to the helm of the Circular Bioeconomy Research Group at Munster Technological University, where she guides ground-breaking projects.

Venturing into Sustainable Biotech

In 2018, she cofounded Nutramara, a pioneering marine biotech company focused on extracting novel biactives from algae. Buoyed by this success, she introduced Seabody in 2021, a luxury beauty and wellness brand, and co-founded The Blue Pet Company, offering marine clean supplements for our four-legged friends. These ventures not only showcase Helena's ingenuity but also continues Kerry's success on the the global entrepreneurship map.

Championing Sustainability and Circular Economy

Her business adventures have been driven by her commitment to sustainability and circular economy principles. Her passion for harnessing natural resources and minimising waste resonates deeply, reflecting her dedication to environmental stewardship. As a vocal advocate for the circular bioeconomy, she champions renewable resources and economic growth.

Beyond Business: Nurturing Talent and Inspiring Change

Helena's impact extends far beyond the boardroom. She remains deeply engaged in academic research and mentors budding entrepreneurs and students ensuring the next generation are inspired to forge their own remarkable paths. Her tireless efforts have garnered national and international acclaim including recent awards such as the John Bell & Croyden 225th-anniversary competition, which recognises brands that exemplify innovation, sustainability, and ethical practices. With over 80 participating brands, Seabody stood out through a meticulous selection process, impressing a panel of esteemed judges to secure the coveted title.

Conclusion: Inspiring a Sustainable Future in Entrepreneurship

Dr. Helena McMahon epitomises the fusion of science, entrepreneurship, and compassion. Her remarkable journey serves as a testament to what is possible when passion meets purpose. As her influence continues to ripple across the globe, she stands as a shining example of how entrepreneurship can drive positive change, one endeavor at a time.