Pioneering Innovation: The BioAtlantis Story

At the heart of BioAtlantis lies a profound passion for innovation and unwavering determination. Established in 2004 by John T O'Sullivan, the company embarked on a transformative journey to propel biotechnology forward and confront global challenges head-on. With a team of over 50 talented experts, BioAtlantis is emerging as  a powerhouse in the biotech industry, both nationally and internationally. This prowess is exemplified by its prestigious nomination for the esteemed EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award, a testament to its ground-breaking contributions and industry leadership.

Spearheading Global Initiatives: CropPrime and BOOSTER

By actively participating in pioneering EU initiatives such as CropPrime and BOOSTER, the company is dedicated to tackling critical issues like crop resilience and drought stress. Through these initiatives, BioAtlantis is showcasing its commitment to driving agricultural innovation and revolutionising farming practices worldwide - shaping a sustainable future for agriculture and food security and ensuring a better tomorrow for generations to come.

Celebrating Local Innovation with Global Reach

As BioAtlantis continues to embody the essence of local innovation with global impact, let's celebrate their remarkable innovation journey. For more on BioAtlantis and other Kerry based companies making their mark globally follow us on LinkedIn and stay tuned on all our social media channels for everything #Work, #Live, #Learn, #Invest and #Visit in County Kerry. 


BioAtlantis was established in 2004 and entered the crop biostimulant market in 2007 with stress…