In the 1990s, John T. O'Sullivan, the CEO of BioAtlantis, recognised the potential of nutraceuticals as a means to prevent health issues without relying on synthetic compounds. In 2004, he took the bold step of founding BioAtlantis, with a primary focus on extracting bioactives from seaweed. Leveraging his experience in the dairy industry, he seamlessly incorporated best practices and innovative techniques into seaweed extraction.

From the very beginning, BioAtlantis established strong and enduring partnerships with academic institutions worldwide, resulting in an impressive collection of 84 peer-reviewed scientific papers.

BioAtlantis is renowned for its meticulous 'fitness-for-purpose' approach to product development and validation. Their products are derived from natural compounds with well-known functions, modes of action, stability, and safety. These compounds have proven their efficacy, often surpassing synthetic alternatives.

In 2007, BioAtlantis made a strategic entry into the crop biostimulant market, with a central focus on stress mitigation. Extensive research has enabled them to develop compounds that effectively counter both abiotic and biological stress across various life forms and species.

The company's journey has been marked by rapid growth, substantiated by its robust scientific foundation and numerous peer-reviewed collaborations with academic partners. As evidence of this expansion, BioAtlantis proudly inaugurated a new production facility in 2019, nestled in Kerry, which now stands as the largest seaweed extraction facility in Britain and Ireland, concurrently producing amino and humic acids.

In 2022, John T. O'Sullivan received recognition as a finalist at the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Programme, a testament to his contributions and dedication to innovation.

Listen to John T. O'Sullivan's inspiring story to learn more about his vision for a sustainable and healthier world. Join us in celebrating the spirit of innovation and sustainability embodied by BioAtlantis and its innovative leader.

The BioAtlantis Story - EY Entrepreneur of the Year Programme