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A home for history and innovation, old souls and new neighbours, Kerry is a place to gain and share ideas and experiences. This blog offers a collection of such insights, along with an invitation to check back regularly to see what’s new in Kerry.

Top Tips for Cyclists

Top Tips for Cycling the Kerry Greenways Nestled on the southwestern coast of Ireland, County Kerry is a cyclist's paradise, offering breathtaking landscapes, charming villages and the renowned Kerry Greenways. These cycling routes, converted from old railway lines, traverse some of the most…

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs How long does it take to work or cycle the greenway at a leisurely pace? Approximately 1 hour to cycle or 3 hours 30 minutes to walk. Where do I start? You can begin the route at the Greenway Car Park in Tralee (at the Kerry District League Club in Mounthawk) or at the Fenit Trailhead, near the…

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Biodiversity - Greenways

Biodiversity Flourishes Along Kerry's Greenways In the emerald landscapes of County Kerry, where the Tralee to Fenit Greenway and the Listowel to Limerick Greenway weave through postcard scenes, nature has found a sanctuary to thrive. A product of the County’s vision for sustainable development and…

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Heritage, History & Folklore

Navigating Nature: The Evolution of Kerry’s Greenways Nestled in the southwestern corner of Ireland, County Kerry is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural heritage and commitment to sustainable living. In recent years, the county has embarked on a remarkable journey to promote…

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