An industry cluster is a geographically concentrated group of interconnected businesses, suppliers, and institutions within a specific industry or sector. These clusters often form in regions where a particular industry thrives due to shared resources, expertise, and a collaborative environment. Industry clusters can promote innovation, competitiveness, and economic growth by fostering cooperation, knowledge-sharing, and specialisation among their members.

In Kerry, our cluster ecosystem is extremely strong, dynamic and collaborative. Over a number of years, we have seen significant growth across many sectors and industries, with one major common agenda - innovating and creating significant value across the markets they operate. For example, in 2018, KerrySciTech, a dynamic cluster of science and technology companies received significant support from Enterprise Ireland's Regional Enterprise Development Grant, which has played a pivotal role in its growth and success. This funding has enabled KerrySciTech to nurture a thriving ecosystem of businesses, research institutions, and skilled professionals, driving innovation and economic development in the region. Recently, KerrySciTech has taken its collaborative efforts to the next level by combining efforts with it@cork cluster to operate under the umbrella brand of Tech Industry Alliance.  This strategic move has allowed them to broaden their scope and reach, fostering even greater collaboration and innovation within the technology sector across the South-West and beyond. 

Additionally, the AgriTech Ireland and Circular BioEconomy Cluster South West are other  prominent examples industry clusters. These clusters, spearheaded by Munster Technological University (MTU) Kerry, have been funded through Enterprise Ireland's Regional Technological Clustering Fund (RTCF), with the backing of the Irish government. This support has empowered AgriTech Ireland and Circular BioEconomy Cluster South West to connect businesses, researchers, and stakeholders in the agri-tech sector and circular bio-economy space.. Through collaboration and knowledge exchange, these cluster aims to foster innovation and sustainable practices in agriculture and the bioeconomy, contributing to regional and national economic growth.

In summary, industry clusters like Tech Industry Alliance, AgriTech Ireland and Circular BioEconomy Cluster South West play a vital role in driving innovation, economic development, and collaboration within their respective sectors, thanks to the funding and support they receive from Enterprise Ireland and other government initiatives.

Industry Clusters Innovating in Kerry