IoTPASS to revolutionise supply chain operations through the provision of IoT- Partnership will support Net Feasa’s international expansion plans to become a worldwide market-leading service provider and achieve their strategic ambition of 50% growth in the next five years

Kerry-based technology company, Net Feasa, a leading wireless service provider, has today announced a strategic partnership with Vodafone to deliver a new globally connected intermodal smart container solution (IoTPASS) for the freight logistics industry.

IoTPASS is Net Feasa’s innovative Connectivity as a Service platform that transforms the intermodal freight container, one which is used across different modes of transport without being unloaded, into a Smart Container. Using Vodafone’s global IoT network, the solution now tracks the container rather than the Truck, Ship or Train and provides a single unified data set that is consistent wherever the container is on its journey across the supply chain.

As a result, the solution will enable transportation and logistics companies to make extensive cost savings and carbon footprint reductions through the analysis of valuable real-time data, detailing where the container is at all times – whether on land, in the sea or in the air.  The solution offers true visibility and true traceability across the supply chain.

Additionally, IOTPASS will drive further logistical efficiency and realise revenue growth opportunities via the delivery of new value-added digital service offerings to the transportation and logistics sector.

Mike Fitzgerald, Chairman of Net Feasa stated: “With approximately 29 million active dry containers in circulation globally, and a shortage of containers across the globe due to the pandemic, there is a significant opportunity to transform the transportation of goods into a digitally enabled, smart logistical eco-system through our unique solution. This not only has significant business benefits but also has economic benefits for public sector organisations in being able to better manage supply and demand of vital goods while supporting the transition to a greener supply chain worldwide.

“Our partnership with Vodafone allows us to build a truly global solution that can connect operations worldwide. We have worked closely with Vodafone Ireland from the infancy of IoT and we look forward to building this global solution together as we introduce the benefits of massive machine type communications to the future of the supply chain”

Colin Barrett, Vodafone Ireland IoT Country Manager said: “We are delighted to work with Net Feasa on this exciting new solution that will support a significant shift in how we manage and track goods and services from one part of the globe to the other.

“With the largest number of connections worldwide at 123 million in over 39 countries, Vodafone’s growing global IoT network is able to offer Irish SMEs such as Net Feasa the opportunity to expand their operations internationally and continue to focus on new innovations and digital transformations that robust connectivity through our IoT solutions can enable.”