In the pursuit of digital transformation and enhanced operational efficiency, well known brand Keogh's Crisps embarked on a quest for a trustworthy ERP partner with a deep understanding of their industry. Their journey led them to DIOMAC, where they found more than just technical expertise; they discovered a like-minded team dedicated to realising their future business aspirations.

For those new to ERP, ERP stands for "Enterprise Resource Planning." It is a type of software system that organisations use to manage and integrate various aspects of their business operations. ERP systems are designed to streamline and optimise processes across different departments within an organisation, providing a centralised platform for data and information management. ERP systems are commonly used in various industries, including manufacturing, distribution, finance, healthcare, and services, among others. They play a crucial role in helping organisations improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, enhance customer service, and make data-driven decisions.

In 2019, Keogh's Crisps implemented DIOMAC Premium, a solution that seamlessly integrated factory functionality with cutting-edge touchscreen, weighing, labelling, and mobile scanning technologies.  Within a remarkably short time frame of just one year, Keogh's Crisps achieved a fully integrated food production and financial system, empowering their team to make insightful, real-time decisions across all critical business processes.

Read the case study in detail for the background to the partnership between DIOMAC and Keogh's Crisp and the transformative business impact that DIOMAC offers.


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