Kerry is often host to remarkable events that showcase the unique spirit and vibrant community of this magical place where telling stories is part of everyday life.

Recently, Listowel, a charming town in north Kerry, made headlines around the world with its ambitious endeavor: “Dolly Day.” This event aimed to set a world record for the largest gathering of people dressed as the legendary country singer, Dolly Parton. Not only did Dolly Day capture international attention, but it also reflected the warmth, creativity, and sense of community that make Kerry such a special place. Join us as we delve into this spectacular event that united over 1,100 Dolly Parton enthusiasts and put Listowel on the map once again.

Months of meticulous planning and promotions culminated in a remarkable display of devotion to Dolly Parton as more than 1,100 Dolly look-alikes flocked to Listowel. The event required participants to be instantly recognizable as Dolly Parton and don her iconic outfits from over the years. Guided by event organisers, attendees arrived in checkered flannels, denim ensembles, and, of course, the pièce de résistance—a sea of voluminous, curled, bleach-blonde wigs.

Listowel, no stranger to record-breaking feats, previously claimed the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people dressed as nuns. This time, they aimed even higher, surpassing the required minimum of 250 Dolly Parton impersonators to establish a new world record. The evidence collected during Dolly Day will now be examined by Guinness World Records, a process that takes approximately eight to twelve weeks. However, regardless of the official certification, Dolly Day has already left an indelible mark on Listowel and Kerry.

Dolly Day not only captured the hearts of locals and visitors but also drew the attention of international media outlets such as the Washington Post and USA Today. The world marveled at the passion and enthusiasm of the people of Kerry as they celebrated the iconic Dolly Parton. Listowel, with its infectious spirit and commitment to fostering a close-knit community, showcased the very best of Kerry to the world.

Dolly Day served a charitable purpose, with proceeds benefiting the Kerry Hospice Foundation and Comfort for Chemo Kerry. It showcased the heart of Kerry by combining fun and celebration with a commitment to supporting important causes. Moreover, brought fame to Listowel but also bolstered Kerry’s tourism industry as a whole by showcasing the warm hospitality for which Kerry is renowned.

Those who were drawn to Listowel by this spectacle could find themselves later enjoying some of the attractions and things to do in the area such as the Greenway, a picturesque trail offering stunning views of Kerry’s natural beauty, the Kerry Writers’ Museum, where visitors can immerse themselves in the region’s literary heritage, the Listowel Castle, a historic landmark steeped in stories from the past, and St. John’s Theatre and Arts Centre, a vibrant hub for cultural performances and artistic expressions.


Dolly Parton’s influence spans generations and continents, and the success of Dolly Day in Listowel only strengthens the bond between Kerry and the beloved country singer. Parton’s connection to Kerry became evident in 1990 when she visited the picturesque town of Dingle and delighted the crowd at Paidi O Sé’s pub with a captivating performance. This unforgettable moment exemplifies the deep-rooted love Kerry has for Dolly Parton and her music.