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Kerry’s dining scene is all about the quality ingredients, the people who produce them and the incredible landscapes in which they’re shared. The dining experience in Kerry ranges from humble gastropubs in the Kerry countryside to Michelin-rated fine dining restaurants. Wherever you choose to eat, however, expect to find a menu brimming with seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, where sustainability and organic fare are the standard.

There has never been a more exciting time for the food scene in Ireland. It’s an era of exciting culinary innovation that, when combined with the Kerry’s well-stocked seas and shores, is the stuff of every food-loving traveller’s dreams.

Ireland’s wealth of farm-fresh and sea-to-table ingredients can be attributed to the county’s temperate climate and its access to the salty North Atlantic Ocean. While delicacies, such as prawns, oysters and scallops, are harvested from the sea, estate venison; grass-fed, free-range beef, prized Kerry lamb and other locally-produced agricultural items which are reared and raised across the county’s farmlands.

This breadth of ingredients then finds its way into the kitchens of Ireland’s humble pubs and Michelin-star restaurants to be prepared in typical, yet modern, Irish fashion: hearty, void of too much seasoning or spice and entirely satisfying. Think slow-cooked roasts, stews, delectable shellfish, grass-fed beef, homemade cheese and dense breads slathered with homemade butter.

With its astounding freshness and originality, Ireland’s gastronomy scene is sure to leave lasting memories on your taste buds.

A shift to sustainability

With a shift towards zero-waste, a wave of new sustainable restaurants are curating their menus to make the most of their seafood, meat and produce. The best part? They’re doing so in a classic Kerry, no-fuss style that showcases the food at its finest – fresh, simple and unpretentious.

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Uniquely Kerry - Creatively crafted spirits and beers

With the Kerry regions rich in flavoursome native ingredients, producers in Kerry are crafting alcohol that tastes of the Kerry landscape. We have some of the best distilleries and breweries in the world located in County Kerry. The craft beer scene in Kerry has been growing steadily for a few years now, and as breweries perfect their craft it’s no wonder we’re seeing a rise in unique offerings.

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Dingle Whiskey Distillery, Dingle 

The distillery was launched in 2012 with the vision to create the best artisan spirits in the world. The spirit is produced in the Dingle Whiskey Distillery and was conceived by Liam LaHart, the late Oliver Hughes and Peter Mosley.

The local Dingle company are extremely proud of what they have achieved. They have been awarded numerous awards worldwide.

The Dingle Distillery welcomes visitors to take a tour of their fully functioning production facility. Tour-goers can enjoy an introduction to the history of the Irish whiskey industry, the distillation process and can experience the sights, sounds and scents of a working distillery. 

West Kerry Brewery, Dingle

Beoir Chorca Dhuibhne (West Kerry Brewery) is Kerry’s first microbrewery, established in 2008. With emphasis on their stunning location and geography the beers in their Core Range are named after local place names, which are minutes from the brewery. For us, it’s important to keep as local as possible. They use seasonal ingredients in the Brewers Kitchen because they love how nature changes the palate of what we eat and drink as the months go by. They have beautiful green fields, pastures and seas close by, and love to support local growers, small farmers and local fishermen. 

Tours of the brewery and garden can be arranged so you can see for yourself where it all comes from and finish it off with a flight of tastings in their pub.

Torc Brewing, Killarney

Killarney Distillery, Torc Brewing is a local brewing company, run by local brewers who love great beer. Killarney’s unique history began with the last Ice Age when a single ice sheet covered the entire region. As it melted, it sculpted Killarney’s magnificent peaks including Torc Mountain, after which our beer is named.

At Torc Brewing, they take pride in the fact that they craft beer from the best ingredients available. And that they brew their beer in small batches with pure fresh Killarney water.

Wheat Beer: Flagship Wheat Beer is brewed with care in the style of a Belgian Wit Beer. Along with its slightly cloudy gold finish, you will notice a refreshing orange and grapefruit aroma. What you’ll taste is a clean crisp wheat-based beer, fruity and fresh, citrus and sweet.

Skellig Six18 Distillery, Cahersiveen

Skellig Six18 is crafted as a premium artisan Irish gin using local botanicals. The Distillery’s name was inspired by the UNESCO world heritage site (on the nearby Skellig Rocks) where sixth century monks hand-crafted six hundred and eighteen steps on the island’s rockface to reach their monastery. There is also a special opportunity to witness the evolution of this distillery that is in the process of expanding through the installation of a brand-new whiskey distillery.

Skellig Six18 distillery welcomes guests. Learn how premium Skellig Six18 Gin is made at the distillery and experience its taste. Witness the story and working installation of a brand-new whiskey distillery.

McGill's Brewery, Waterville

McGill’s Brewery was founded by Joe McGill. It is located in the Gaeltact region of Murreigh, Waterville, in Iveragh in the South of Kerry, Ireland. It is the first microbrewery on the Iveragh Pennisula. McGill’s beers are produced to the highest standard of quality. Each beer is unique to the area of South Kerry. They reflect our local heroes, culture, and history. In our small brewery we handcraft our beers with care perfecting traditional Irish beer styles using our state of the art brewery system. We hope you enjoy tasting our beers as much as we do producing them. ‘Sláinte agus fad saol agat’ (Health and long life to you).

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