Meet Mike Fitzgerald, a seasoned entrepreneur with over three decades of experience in the software and wireless networking sectors. His journey began as a software engineer at Ericsson, but it didn't take long for him to transition into the dynamic world of business in 1991. Over the years, Mike has left an indelible mark on the industry, serving as Vice President at two NASDAQ-listed companies, ADC Telecommunications and interWAVE Communications.

In 1999, he boldly executed a Management Buy Out, breathing new life into Microcellular Systems Ltd. This venture paved the way for a strategic trade sale to interWAVE Communications in 2000. Mike's entrepreneurial spirit didn't stop there; he co-founded Altobridge Ltd in 2002, a prominent Irish software company. From 2000 to 2015, he also played a pivotal role as a founding investor or board member in several successful enterprises, including NewBay, AMCS Group, Mobinets, Mianach Venture Capital, Propylon, Blue Ocean Wireless, and Cross Atlantic Productions.

Mike's academic journey is equally impressive. He graduated with Special Honours (Computers and Mathematics) from University College Cork in 1988. Later, in 2008, he enhanced his leadership skills at Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Mike Fitzgerald's entrepreneurial prowess did not go unnoticed. In 2009, he was honored with Ernst & Young's Irish Entrepreneur of the Year award in the Emerging category. In 2012, the World Economic Forum recognized him as a Technology Pioneer.

Today, Mike serves as the Chairman of Net Feasa, a company headquartered in Dingle, Co Kerry, with additional offices in Cork and Silicon Valley. Founded in 2015, Net Feasa is at the forefront of innovation, providing wireless IoT connectivity solutions for the container transport industry. They are driving the industry's transformation from manual, paper-centric processes to real-time, cloud-based digital information systems. Under Mike's visionary leadership, Net Feasa is charting a path toward a digitally connected future.

Mike Fitzgerald's remarkable journey exemplifies the serial entrepreneurial spirit that thrives in every corner of Kerry, driving innovation and shaping industries.

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