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A home for history and innovation, old souls and new neighbours, Kerry is a place to gain and share ideas and experiences. This blog offers a collection of such insights, along with an invitation to check back regularly to see what’s new in Kerry.

Dingle Food Festival's Waste Free Ambition

The Dingle Food Festival is leading out on sustainable approaches to festivals and events in Kerry, showcasing that simple choices can reduce waste to almost nothing. With great progress made through its elimination of single use tableware at the 2023 festival, organisers are moving closer in their…

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Kerry 19th in World on Global Destination Sustainability Index

Congratulations to Co. Kerry - which as a region continues to make an impact on the global sustainability stage - and out of 100 destinations benchmarked, including 42 new participants in the 2023 Global Destination Sustainability Index, Kerry ranks 19th overall, remaining in the top 20 benchmarked…

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Killarney Coffee Cup Project

Coffee shops and hotels of Killarney have joined forces to try and eradicate single use coffee cups. Since taking this step towards becoming Ireland’s first town to become single use coffee cup free, the local businesses have seen a very positive reaction from both locals as well as domestic and…

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MA Regenerative Tourism (Online) at MTU

Regenerative tourism in its most simple definition, seeks to ensure travel and tourism reinvest in people, places and nature and that it supports the long-term renewal and flourishing of our social-ecological systems (Dredge, 2022). Regenerative tourism offers a ground-breaking set of solutions to…

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See Kerry in Sir David Attenborough's 'Wild Isles'

BBC One’s landmark nature series Wild Isles has featured an epic battle of stags during the Autumn rutting season within Kerry's Killarney National Park, part of the Kerry UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Legendary broadcaster Sir David Attenborough began the series with an episode aptly titled ‘Our…

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