Today, we reveal a new unified place brand for County Kerry that promotes Visit, Work and Live through the new Discover Kerry website. Like Kerry, it’s brave, bold and bursting with energy.

Let’s start with why…

The ‘Marketing Kerry’ brand project was put together with one goal in mind – County Kerry’s future prosperity. This new brand is driven by a vision for Kerry's future and a desire to share & to celebrate Kerry in its entirety - its remarkable people and communities, inspiring business success stories and its captivating natural beauty. By leveraging our global reputation for tourism and our warm inherent welcome, with our thriving ecosystem of innovative enterprises spanning diverse industries, sectors and as a university county, we are showcasing and promoting County Kerry as an open place to belong, to explore and to thrive. Together, all our stakeholders across tourism, enterprise, education and the local community are fueling enormous opportunities and regional growth - significantly elevating and enhancing Kerry’s attractiveness and competitiveness as a place to visit, work and live.

The Background

The Marketing Kerry partnership formed between Kerry County Council, KerrySciTech and Kerry Tourism Industry Federation has led to the development of the new place brand for the region. Through this collaboration across public and private sectors, many key stakeholders and volunteers from the region and beyond were engaged in the brand creation. These include representatives from diaspora, local and national government agencies, the tourism sector and the enterprise  sector including start-ups, SMEs, large corporations, digital hubs, education, local chambers and community organisations.


The Brand Identity

The new identity for Kerry is rooted in the history and identity of the place and its landscape. The new logo is a simple and distinctive mark, inspired by iconography within Kerry’s county crest that also, on its side, represents the letter ‘K’. The colour palette is bold, vibrant and unexpected with a focus on digital as we roll out this brand through website, social media and video.

The brand guidelines outline a comprehensive new messaging framework and narrative, to aid marketing activities and help capture the spirit and personality of Kerry. The messaging is contrasting, playful and thought provoking. Combined with imagery we begin to tell a rich and engaging story, strengthening positive perceptions of Kerry and helping define what we are known for.

brand identity

Welcoming the new brand and website, Mayor of Kerry, Jim Finucane said: “This is a very positive and exciting day for the county. The new Kerry brand is a catalyst for positive change in Kerry which represents a shared vision for success and a commitment to work together to drive economic growth and tourism in the county.”

This presents a very important opportunity for Kerry to promote itself in a collaborative and coordinated way,” says Chief Executive of Kerry County Council Moira Murrell. “Kerry County Council values the partnership with KerrySciTech and Kerry Tourism Industry Federation in working together to develop this key initiative for the county. The Kerry brand and website forms part of an overall strategy to promote Kerry as a place to visit, live, work and invest. I wish to acknowledge the commitment of the council and our partners in delivering the opportunity to Kerry.”

Chair of Kerry Tourism Industry Federation Pat O’Leary said: “The digital launch of the new County Kerry brand signifies a pivotal moment in our region's economic development and growth. It is very timely given Kerry’s tourism industry has won several recent awards, including Ireland's Best Holiday County Irish Independent Travel Reader Travel Awards for 2024. This new identity reflects the key elements of the county’s tourism and enterprise sectors - global leaders in tourism and business, welcoming communities with creative characters all shaped by the natural landscape around us.”

"Kerry is more than a location; it's an opportunity-rich ecosystem where you can build a global business and rewarding career,” says Seán Ryan, Executive Chairperson of Aspen Grove and founding member of KerrySciTech.Here, work and life seamlessly blend. By showcasing the breadth of achievements and limitless potential of our region through this new brand, we are proudly showcasing to the world what we already know – everything is possible in Kerry” is the online home for the new place brand, serving as your go-to resource for a wide audience. Collectively, the Marketing Kerry partnership boldly states that the new brand and its digital platforms belong to every individual, every community, every region, every business, and every organisation in Kerry. We are inviting the Kerry people, businesses and communities to get involved in championing our new Kerry brand by using the hashtag #DiscoverKerry.


The 'Marketing Kerry' Partnership consists of: Kerry County Council, KerrySciTech, Kerry Tourism Industry Federation, Kerry Chamber Network, Kerry Hub Network, Kerry Convention Bureau, education sector, state agencies and local development companies.

About 'Marketing Kerry': In 2020, a Kerry Economic Forum was convened by Kerry County Council, comprising stakeholders from across the enterprise, tourism and education sectors. A clear need was identified to collaboratively design and create a unified brand, supported by a marketing strategy for County Kerry. The Marketing Kerry project was established to promote Kerry as an attractive destination for tourism, business, education and living. The project involves various stakeholders from both public and private sectors, working together to showcase the diverse and vibrant offerings of County Kerry.

Key Objectives of the new County Kerry Brand, Marketing activities and online platforms:

  • Amplify Existing Strengths: Highlight Kerry's existing strengths and attractions to create growth opportunities that benefit our local communities.
  • Foster Economic Growth: Continuously grow the local economy by promoting businesses and experiences within the county, bolstering job creation and prosperity.
  • Attract People and Investment: Position Kerry as a destination for individuals, new businesses, and investment, fostering sustainable growth.
  • Centralised Information Hub: Create a central website as the digital embodiment of our brand, providing easy access to information, amenities, facilities, events, and experiences, enhancing the county's accessibility and appeal.

Looking Forward: Where We Want to Be in 10 Years

The 'Marketing Kerry' brand aims to:

  • Be the first choice for anyone considering visiting, working, or living in Kerry, offering unparalleled opportunities and experiences.
  • Engage with people worldwide to introduce them to the treasures County Kerry offers, inspiring tourism, investment, and collaboration.
  • Attain global recognition and esteem as a source of valuable and engaging content about Kerry, driving international interest and awareness.
  • Serve as the primary resource for local and national government agencies, community organisations, and advocates promoting Kerry's growth and development.
  • Be embraced and utilised by businesses, residents, and workers, making everyone a proud brand ambassador for the county, solidifying our sense of community and pride.